Floods and Droughts of Australia


Drought is a natural part of the Australian landscape. With one of the most changing rainfall climates in the world, severe drought affects some part of Australia about once every 18 years. Breaks between severe droughts have varied from four to 38 years and the impacts of climate change will mean more prolonged dry periods, particularly in internal areas of NSW.

The 2000s drought in Australia or the Millennium Drought, also known as the Millennium drought is said by some to be the worst drought recorded since European settlement.

This drought affected most of Southern Australia, including its largest cities and largest agricultural region (the Murray darling basin). It commenced with low rainfall conditions in late 1996 and through 1997, and worsened through especiallydry years in 2001 and 2002. By 2003 it was recognised as the worst drought on record.

The year 2006 was the driest on record for many parts of the country and conditions remained hot and dry through to early 2010. The emergence of la Nina weather conditions in 2010 rapidly ended the drought, and led to floods in some locations.

The drought placed extreme pressure on agricultural production and urban water supply in much of southern Australia. It has led to the construction of six major seawater desalination plants to provide water to Australia’s major cities, and to changes in the management of water in the Murray–Darling basin, particularly the formation of the Murray Darling Basin Authority.




February 25 2020 was the latest flood in Australia, this flood took place in Queensland.

In the middle of the night on 24 June 1852, a fatal flood swept through the New South Wales town of Gundagai. The water rose quickly to become a raging torrent that swept whole buildings away.

Between 80 and 100 people died, and the disaster remains the deadliest flood in Australia’s recorded history. The death toll would have much higher if not for the heroic efforts of local Wiradjuri men who rescued 69 people clinging for their lives in trees.

About me!!!

My name is Rowan

I’m a girl

I’m eleven years old

My favourite colour is orange

My favourite animal is a sssnake

My family my Mum, Dad, Younger brother

My brother is eight years old

I have an Irish wolfhound his name is Arlo and he is two

I have six friends in my friend group

Heres an acronym of my name


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Country of Focus Week 6 – Cambodia

1. Attach an image of Cambodia’s flag


2. What continent is Cambodia in?


3. What is the capital city?

Phnom Penh

4. Is Cambodia in the Northern or the Southern Hemisphere?


4. What is the population?

16.01 million (2017)

5. What is the national language? Is there more than one?


6. What is the currency?

Cambodian riel

7. What is one connection Cambodia has with Australia?

Australia has a defence cooperation program with Cambodia

8. What is one interesting fact about Cambodia?

No McDonald’s in Cambodia.

9. List all countries that share a border with Cambodia including their location.

Vietnam/ Laos/ Thailand

The Cabin

The Cabin shook as the Blizzard blew harder and harder, the dogs were barking louder Sal wanted it all so just stop. Finally it stopped but the dogs were still barking she went downstairs and slowly opened the heavy wooden door of the cabin and shrieked with excitement, ” What is it” said Mum. Sal bent down and picked up her ice skates by then Mum had realized why she had shrieked and she gasped, The lake infront of there cabin was frozen”Boys get down here NOW” she shouted, meanwhile Sal was already running out side, “YES” she heard her brother scream, he also ran outside and sat against the tree under her, she was sitting on her favourite branch. Sal jumped down and leaped onto the ice she was doing pirouettes and and spins. Soon her Brother was on the ice too. Then Mum came out with a tray of hot chocolate Sal ran up to her, gulped down her hot chocolate and went back to the ice. However the ice was thin in some places though so they had to be careful. Sal has been missing for 5 months, her brother was fishing he felt something pull on his rod, reeled it in and it was… Sals pair of ice skates.