About me!!!

My name is Rowan

I’m a girl

I’m eleven years old

My favourite colour is orange

My favourite animal is a sssnake

My family my Mum, Dad, Younger brother

My brother is eight years old

I have an Irish wolfhound his name is Arlo and he is two

I have six friends in my friend group

Heres an acronym of my name


Open minded





3 thoughts on “About me!!!

  1. Hi Rowan! I learnt more about you from reading this and I value the effort you put into it. I have one question. Maybe you could add some of your interests.

  2. Hi Rowan,
    I really like your avatar and the sunnies make it look even cooler! I love your acrostic poem and I agree that you are wild and amazing (but you are other cool things as well)! Well done here’s a breadstick for all your hard work! 🥖

  3. Hello Rowan,
    Your blog is really great and I love the acrostic poem! The avatar really matches with it, especially the Relaxed part! One of my favourite colours is orange too (But I really love red). I have a younger sibling too. She is also 8 and her birthday is in a few weeks. I have an old deaf cat who like greens and licking the tap…

    But most of all, keep up the amazing work! 🐾🐈😁👁👁

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