About me!!!

My name is Rowan

I’m a girl

I’m eleven years old

My favourite colour is orange

My favourite animal is a sssnake

My family my Mum, Dad, Younger brother

My brother is eight years old

I have an Irish wolfhound his name is Arlo and he is two

I have six friends in my friend group

Heres an acronym of my name


Open minded






Here are my ratings 0 being least helpful and 5 being most helpful

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Which is the most helpful and WMYST?

2 Because he was talking about a blog post and was not text commenting.

Which is the least helpful and WMYST?

1 Because it has bad grammar and is really hard to read.

Country of Focus Week 6 – Cambodia

1. Attach an image of Cambodia’s flag


2. What continent is Cambodia in?


3. What is the capital city?

Phnom Penh

4. Is Cambodia in the Northern or the Southern Hemisphere?


4. What is the population?

16.01 million (2017)

5. What is the national language? Is there more than one?


6. What is the currency?

Cambodian riel

7. What is one connection Cambodia has with Australia?

Australia has a defence cooperation program with Cambodia

8. What is one interesting fact about Cambodia?

No McDonald’s in Cambodia.

9. List all countries that share a border with Cambodia including their location.

Vietnam/ Laos/ Thailand