The Cabin

The Cabin shook as the Blizzard blew harder and harder, the dogs were barking louder Sal wanted it all so just stop. Finally it stopped but the dogs were still barking she went downstairs and slowly opened the heavy wooden door of the cabin and shrieked with excitement, ” What is it” said Mum. Sal bent down and picked up her ice skates by then Mum had realized why she had shrieked and she gasped, The lake infront of there cabin was frozen”Boys get down here NOW” she shouted, meanwhile Sal was already running out side, “YES” she heard her brother scream, he also ran outside and sat against the tree under her, she was sitting on her favourite branch. Sal jumped down and leaped onto the ice she was doing pirouettes and and spins. Soon her Brother was on the ice too. Then Mum came out with a tray of hot chocolate Sal ran up to her, gulped down her hot chocolate and went back to the ice. However the ice was thin in some places though so they had to be careful. Sal has been missing for 5 months, her brother was fishing he felt something pull on his rod, reeled it in and it was… Sals pair of ice skates.

One thought on “The Cabin

  1. Thanks Rowan,
    Great use of connectives, well done. Another way to really improve your writing is by using a thesaurus which I will show you all how to use soon.
    Mrs D

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